January 13, 2015

Billy the puppy has it all figured out

Billy the puppy has it all figured out

I’ve come to the conclusion that my new puppy has got it all figured out.

Every day Billy gets up, stretches, shakes out his fur, ambles over to his food bowl and eats what’s in there.

He doesn’t wash, doesn’t clean his teeth. Doesn’t choose clothes or even care what the weather is. He doesn’t check Facebook every half hour or get excited about the next iPad launch.

Billy doesn’t know what he looks like in the mirror. He doesn’t care how small he is or what colour his fur is. He has no awareness of his body other than his nose and teeth are at one end and his tail is at the other.

He isn’t consumed with thoughts about the meaning of existence or his purpose in life. He doesn’t need to watch the news, keep up with the latest TV shows or go the movies.

When something hurts him, he whimpers, forgives, forgets and moves on. If he’s cold he finds a patch of sunlight to lay in. If he’s warm he goes somewhere shady.

If Billy’s tired, he goes to sleep, wherever he happens to be. When he’s feeling energetic he races around the house. He doesn’t need a treadmill, a gym membership or special running clothes.

He eats when he’s hungry and drinks when he’s thirsty. He doesn’t care about calories, E numbers or fat content. He doesn’t need caffeine to stimulate him or alcohol to help him enjoy himself.

Billy doesn’t need money, credit cards or a pay pal account. His personal details can’t be hacked and he receives no spam. He doesn’t need to update his status to let you know how he’s feeling and he doesn’t worry about tweeting that he’s just been to the toilet.

Billy bears no malice, has no enemies and makes friends with a sniff of his nose. If something upsets him, he stays away from it. If it makes him happy, he carries on doing it.

His life is simple and uncomplicated, he lives in the moment and accepts his world for what it is.

I wonder if Billy is a Buddhist?

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