A picture is worth a thousand words

There’s a lot I could write about the illustration work I do but, as is often said, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, please take a look at the 9,000 words worth of illustrations below and on the next page. Then, if you’d like to talk about commissioning me, please get in touch. Thanks.

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Designing for St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation: Newsletter, December Appeal, Brochure

St.Mark’s Hospital Foundation raises money to research treatments and cures for bowel disease. To help them connect with their donors I’ve designed their newsletters, mailing appeals and brochures, amongst other projects. I like to think the work I’ve done has made a positive difference.

Do you need a book, magazine or newsletter beautifully designed?

If you’re a small business, a charity, educational or religious institution -or any other type of business – and you need a newsletter, mailing appeal, or brochure – or any other type of design work done – call or email me for a chat. I’d like to know how I can help you.

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Books, Magazines and Brochures

Book design

Designing a booklet for Konstantin Liamin

Konstantin Liamin is a craftsman. When he created a stunning miniature bible with beaten gold, jewels and intricate engraving, he asked me to produce a booklet to accompany his masterpiece. As it was to be in a presentation box, I designed a subtle booklet which reflected the style of the piece itself. Sometimes it’s the small jobs which are the most rewarding.

Brochure design

Designing for Maunder Taylor and Pinks Florists

Businesses need their products presented in the most engaging and relevant way. They need to connect with their customers and convey their message, whether they’re managing apartment blocks or leasing plant displays. I designed these two brochures for Maunder Taylor (above) and Pinks Florists (below) to do exactly that. In both cases I wrote the copy for them too.

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