Writing – Leaflets

Writing leaflets for Janine Shalev, S&M Electrical and Yad Vashem

What does an Interior Designer an Electrical Contractor and a Holocaust Memorial Site have in common? They all need to speak to their target audience, get their message across and get them to take action: whether it’s picking up the phone or making a donation. That’s what I help them to do.

Intelligent, original, engaging copy, researched and written for you

What does every business have in common? They need to speak clearly and concisely to their customers and communicate their message. When I write copy for my clients I speak in their voice in the way their customers understand and respond to. If you’d like me to write for you, please get in touch.

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Designing for St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation: Newsletter, December Appeal, Brochure

St.Mark’s Hospital Foundation raises money to research treatments and cures for bowel disease. To help them connect with their donors I’ve designed their newsletters, mailing appeals and brochures, amongst other projects. I like to think the work I’ve done has made a positive difference.

Do you need a book, magazine or newsletter beautifully designed?

If you’re a small business, a charity, educational or religious institution -or any other type of business – and you need a newsletter, mailing appeal, or brochure – or any other type of design work done – call or email me for a chat. I’d like to know how I can help you.

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Identity Design

Creating an identity for Emma Ziff

Emma Ziff is a superb photographer who asked me to design a logo for her. I designed an identity to communicate to her potential clients that Emma’s ‘eye’ is the most important aspect of her photography. That’s where her talent begins – regardless of how many cameras she uses. You can see we decided on three business cards to showcase Emma’s range of work.

Designing logos for Remote Networks, SPI, Thread Tidy, Hadley Green Dental Practice, FHIVA, NHIVNA, Freddy’s & Sola Windows

When I design a logos I always research my client’s business and industry before I put pen to paper. Knowing my client’s ‘voice’ and what their competition are doing is vital. It helps me prepare an identity that gets them heard in a world of logos clamouring for attention.

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Ryner Rebrand

How did I rebrand Ryner & Partners?

Ryner & Partners used to be called House2House Finance. I helped them to choose a stronger name and designed a solid new logo to complement it. Since then we’ve used their branding consistently across all media, from their website to stationery, postcards, leaflets and pop-up exhibition banners.

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Baxendale Rebrand

How did I rebrand Baxendale Care Home?

Baxendale wanted to create awareness of their care home in the local community. I began with a new logo and colours that evoked the landscaping and the lake at the home. We’ve now made their strong new branding consistent throughout press ads, brochures and newsletters as well as their 50th Anniversary invitation and commemorative book.

Baxendale Rebrand
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